Weekend Knitting Update

First, thanks to everyone who contacted me to suggest restaurants and yarn shops to visit while in San Francisco! I've made a list and definitely intend on hitting a few of them up! Also, thanks to those who filled me in on the whole TSA/Knitting thing. Apparently, wooden knitting needles are permitted! Just to be safe, I've printed out the page that says so (thanks hotpinksocks!) and invested in a lovely pair of US 1 bamboo dpns! As for whether I'm opting for the X-Ray / Pat-down security check, that's TBD.

Does this photo not wreak of manliness?
It's the weekend before Thanksgiving and there's lots to do! Thankfully, I don't have much else planned this weekend (ie, friend / family get-togethers, birthdays, shindigs... the usual stuff that hogs up one's weekend) so I can get stuff done! -- that is if I can break away from knitting just for a bit!

It was my future mother-in-law's birthday last week, and in lieu of the sock kick, I got it into my head to knit her a pair of socks. Later, I shied away from the idea, guessing they wouldn't be finished in time-- I was already working on a pair for Dennis. However, I finished knitting his socks yesterday and naturally decided to cast on another pair! I'm using KnitPicks Imagination Hand-painted Sock Yarn in the Evil Stepmother colorway... OK, by no means is that a jab at my future mother-in-law. She's a very lovely, kind and amazing woman-- a knitter as well! I just know she loves purple and thought this colorway would be perfect!
To speed things up, I'm only knitting a 5-inch cuff/leg. I'm currently at the instep of the first sock... so things are looking good, time-wise! -- Plus, I get to test out the bamboo US 1's... so far I'm loving them and great to knit with, except for the fact that they're as thin as toothpicks! Better be careful Dennis doesn't sit on them. He's awesome at sitting on my WIPs that i leave on the sofa. ;)

Also, as the weather is getting colder, I feel my throat is constantly on the verge of soreness... I figured it was time to knit a shawl for myself... Since my mom abducted my first Shetland Triangular Shawl. I cast on another using the Impressions "A Touch of Twist" wool that I purchased at Rhinebeck. Of course, in the event of winding the yarn, my KnitPicks ball winder handle broke for the 2nd time! Honestly, I was amazed the crazy glue held out for as long as it did the first time around. So once again, I channeled my inner MacGuyver and glued it back together. So far so good! It passed both the ball wind and drop test! Looks like I can hold out on getting a new one, at least for a while longer.

Also on the docket, I plan to get some pre-Thanksgiving baking done today. Thinking about whipping up some Banana Nutella muffins -- or something cheese-cakey for my office. Kind of locked myself into that one. Oops! ;-) Anywho, expect some photos.

That being said, I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving-- or if you don't celebrate, a great weekend. Will return with lots of San Francisco treats! *ba-dump-bump-ching!*