It's been an relatively-- how should I put this?... Interesting Knitcation?
It's amazing how time flies the older you get. At 27, there aren't enough hours in a day anymore! Where oh where does the time go? And to think I spent most of that time knitting socks! S.O.C.K.S! Socks SOCKS! -- The one knitted garment I avoided like the plague! Now it seems I can't get enough of them.

Maybe it was the post Rhinebeck yarn overload, or stressing over a few incorrect rows on my Orchid Thief Shawl (Which is still only a few rows short of being cast off!), or that I had a skein of yarn I was crazy about but didn't know what else to knit with it.

For whatever reason, there was something about knitting a sock that appealed to me at the moment. I didn't even want to knit a fancy sock, with cables or lace.... just a plain, vanilla sock. So I cast on, and after I got past the k2, p2 ribbing, and an inch into plain stockinette, I couldn't stop watching this thing grow. The colors were knitting up so nicely, and then I got to the heel, knit that up and turned it I was sold! At that moment, I gained total and utter respect for feet. They have a bizarre yet magnificent shape-- as smelly as they sometimes are.

Kitchener Stitch
I feel like I've betrayed the non-sock-knitters sect. You must think I've joined the dark side, never to return! It would appear that way, since I've ordered a few skeins of sock yarn, and a sock blocker (1 because when I placed the order, I thought they came in pairs! Oops.) I've also promised Dennis a pair, and carry my current SIP (sock in progress) with me wherever I go-- though I haven't pulled it out of my purse to knit on at any given time. I just find it kind of comforting. Please don't hate me. I sense after a few more pairs, it'll wear off and I can get back to my love of sweaters, cardigans, mittens and the occasional hat.

I look at sock-knitting much differently now. What I once thought to be a complete waste of time, and shame to have all that work and pretty yarn, stuffed into a boot -- I now realize it's more about the process: The tube, the ankle, the heel, another tube and fin. Together, with the colors, it's incredibly relaxing to do and watch... not to mention, nice to have something I can just pull out wherever and have something to do with my hands. Otherwise, I'm incredibly fidgety. Another reason to lay off the Diet Coke?

Sock Blocker ala