Episode 12: How to Take a Knitcation

So this week I managed to score 2 days vacation! Woohoo! So much time, and nowhere to go... what better to do than sit home and knit? This week I blather on about knitting, more knitting, how to take a knitcation, assembling IKEA furniture... even more knitting, epic knitting fails, awesome podcasts, Rhinebeck!... YARN!... and yes-- STASHBUSTARMY!
Listen on!

Overwhelmed by all the yarn I scored at Rhinebeck, I decide to whip out a forlorn project from the UFO bin... Baby Cables & Big Ones Too! I can't believe I started this exactly a year ago-- to think I only had the sleeves to knit! Pfft!

Also on the needles, I cast on Ysolda's gorgeous Orchid Thief Shawlette-- though as the name suggests, it is also a thief of time! Knitter beware-- Errata-Palooza on this one. Also, I may have a thing for purple.

For those of you thinking about casting this on... you'll need this link for row 86.

I did the unthinkable this week and purchased a skein of... FUN FUR!!! Oh yes. The image you are seeing below is very REAL. It's for a Toto costume I'm knitting for Dennis. All is explained in the podcast.

Something is definitely in the water... First, it's fun fur... now it's... it's... let's face it. I'm a glutton for punishment. Using the Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock Pattern... with the exception of using dpns.

Sock yarn ala OnTheRound in Punk'd colorway... (Etsy link)