The Turn of The Hem

Book: Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden
Startitus has set in. I currently have 4 projects on the needles: The cardigan formerly known as the Lemongrass Bolero, my mom's Print O' The Wave Shawl, My Shetland Triangle Shawl and now... my niece-to-be Juliana's Tiny Tealeaves Cardigan. ::cue Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough"::

It's ridiculous, really. I only have to knit the sleeves of my Lemongrass, which so far, I've successfully deviated from the original pattern:Longer body, longer sleeves, turned hem, twisted-rib edging. Turns out I wasn't crazy about the short sleeves and cropped-textured bodice. So, after much tossing and turning in my sleep (slight exaggeration), I decided to knit a plain body and a folded hem to prevent curling. Now, I've never made a folded hem so this turned into a learning experience for me.
So the next morning, I hopped on Gizzooogle and found this nifty tutorial from .
Needless to say once I finished knitting my folded hem, I jumped up and down on the sofa, Tom Cruise style! (another slight exaggeration) I showed-off and tried explaining the whole process to poor Dennis, who while couldn't be more un-enthused, simply smiled and nodded.
But now all that's left to do is knit up the sleeves and call it a day. Perhaps on my way to Poughkeepsie tomorrow. We're still looking at a few more wedding venues before we make our final decision. We're so close! Dennis predicts we'll set a final date this weekend... I hope so!!! Wait, I know so! ;-)

Over the weekend, I watched the Knitmore Girl's Grosgrain Ribbon tutorial and it got me pumped to try it myself! I had this pretty floral ribbon, and some Pomegranate Comfy Worsted Knit Picks yarn, then stumbled on the Tiny Tea Leaves! It was, how you say? "The Perfect Storm!" I'm not entirely sure about the black buttons... but if I do use them, it could be fancy evening cardi!

In lieu of my Grosgrain excitement, I picked up some more ribbon and backing buttons from the LYS. I'm going to knit another Vinelle for myself, since my mom is going to abduct the original. ::rolls eyes:: I also need to rework some sleeve stitch calculations. A few Ravelrers mentioned the different sizes vs. stitches were a bit wonky. Will fix ASAP! Just got some Knit Picks Worsted Wool of The Andes in Black Cherry Heather in the mail, and I can't wait to see how this one knits up! :)