Happy Monday!
First, I want to thank everyone for all the well-wishes on Twitter. If you haven't heard, last Friday I was hit by a bike while walking to work! Can you believe it??? I was climbing the stairs onto the bridge I cross to get to work, which has a shared roadway for pedestrians and bikers... (sounds dangerous already) To top it off, there's no STOP sign to slow bikers down when passing the entryway. So, as I stepped out onto the roadway, this guy this guy comes out of nowhere and hits me from a perpendicular angle, knocking me to the ground face down. (It probably didn't help that I was looking down at my iPod either) All in all, an honest accident. Anyway, long story short, went to the ER, they checked me out and I'm OK. Motor skills in tact. Just a few scrapes and bruises, and a nice bump at the side of my jaw. *sigh*

Lesson Learned: No more headphones on the bridge, and always look LEFT first. Needless to say, I bike this bridge all the time, and ALWAYS slow down when I get to that entry.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff! While I spent Saturday recovering, just for fun, I decided try my hand at podcasting!-- Still need to get used to editing with GarageBand, so the audio is a bit choppy, but not too bad. I think my favorite part was whipping up some theme music! ;-)

So, without further ado, I give you the very first episode of YarnGasm! Enjoy!