Lemongrass & Mariposa


I'm not going to dive into my usual schpiel, "Sorry I've been MIA... blah blah blah...," but yes, this past week, I've been a busy worker bee bringing home the honey. I try to update the blog at least every weekend, but sometimes I'm not able to get to it. Case in point, Dennis and I drove up to Hudson Valley scouting out more wedding venues and I'm happy to report, we found one!!! It's gorgeous, the perfect size, and totally fits our budget! Will post more details once we set an official date-- We're aiming for June of 2011! ::does happy dance::


I've been plowing through my Fiona All Grown-Up top... well, slightly. While I'm sure the pattern is very well written in it's native tongue, the English translation could use a little help. But, fret not. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get past joining the back and front, the rest is a breeze.
My KAL ladies, @KnittyorNice, @CheekyTark and @KillerLashes are catching up quickly and their Fiona AGU's are gorgeous! I love how we're all doing them in totally different colors and can't wait to see how they turn out!
If you run into a wall with this pattern, I wrote some notes on my project page that may be helpful.


I've also been on the prowl for a project for my Mariposa worsted Malabrigo. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for the pattern suggestions! After browsing the life out of Ravelry, I downloaded Stefanie Japel's Lemongrass Bolero! However, I think I'm going to make the body and sleeves longer... yardage willing. ;-) Looky! I even knit and blocked a swatch! So in love with this color.

In other news, I'm on an official yarn diet! (don't laugh Susie!) I'm not allowing myself near another yarn shop until this stash is more or less busted. Yarn websites included... they're off limits!... for now. ;-)