Knitcation Recap

So my knitcation is over.... and what an awesome one it was!

Friday I was itching to bake something, so I made the Banana Nutella Bread Telma (aka @KnittyorNice) posted about. It turned out DELICIOUS and I'm happy to report, it was totally gone a day later!

I also managed to put a major dent in my Hemlock Ring Throw and Feather Duster shawl...
OK, I wasn't sure if the muted purple was working with the pattern, but thanks to all the 2nd opinions on Twitter, I'm going to hold my breath and finish it. I'm sure good blocking will definitely help.
To top the day off, my issue of Interweave Knits Summer 2010 came in the mail!
Definitely cuing the Saddle Tee, Marigold Sweater and Florentine dress. I like the Box 96 pullover featured ont he cover, except maybe I'd leave out the ruffles, and add some sleeves to that puppy.

Saturday I visited La Casita in Carroll Gardens where I finally met Ria (aka @RiaKnits)! I can't begin to tell you how awesome she is! She welcomed me with a big hug, filled my arms with super yummy yarns, and even showed me how to Continental Knit! The shop was setting up for a custom-yarn trunk show (which will be going on until next week)... skeins of GORGEOUS cashmere with sequins and beads threaded through. I swear, if I hadn't broken the yarn budget already, I would have splurged.

I managed to leave with 2 skeins of Artyarns Ultramerino4 in 2 shades of blue. I think I'll be knitting up Stephen West's Daybreak shawl... or something stripey, rather. I already knit a little swatch and while one skein is lighter than the other, they just meld so well.

I'm so glad I went. What's more, I'm looking forward to checking out their Knit-night this Thursday! ::does happy dance:: Thank you Ria!

After, I gave Dennis a buzz to see what he was up to. Coincidentally, he finished helping a friend move and was driving through the area. We met up, picked up lunch and drove to the Brooklyn Heights prominade. There, we found a nice shady bench. Dennis whipped out his study material and I had my knitting. Yep I knit in public!

After an hour or so, we took a walk along Montague Avenue decided to give my parents a call and see what they were up to. Sure enough, they were back from the store with BBQ goodies and naturally, we invited ourselves over. Only an hour out of the city, outdoor deck, wine, food, why not? All in all, as you can see good times.

Yep. That's my mom! I've been trying to get her to knit, but I think she's only keen on crochet and eyelash yarn... which is cool. No judgements. But one of these days.... ;-)

Good news! I (temporarily?) fixed my Ballwinder! It took a little handy work with a wrench, screwdriver and some crazy glue, so lets see how it holds up. ((UPDATE: It works!!!!))

So, even though I didn't make it to the Maryland Wool and Sheep Fest, I'd say I had a successful Knitcation. Thankfully the Knitmore Girls filled me in on everything I missed in their MDWSF recap podcast. Give it a listen!

Oh yes, and I did save all of you a slice of Banana Nutella Bread. Enjoy! ;-)