KIPing in Montauk

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a long and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! I managed to get some beach time and BBQing in... Summer is definitely ON!

On-call for work be damned! Saturday, Dennis and I did a quick getaway to Montauk. It was a risk-- had my boss called me to come in, we'd have to drive back 2+ hours and forfeit our Motel deposit. ::cringe:: However, we were desperate to get out of the city and luckily our plan went smoothly!... well, sort of.

Long story short-- since we were being spontaneous, we didn't put much thought into lodging. After a quick internet search, Dennis booked a room at the Lido Resort Motel. We get there and the place is crawling with boisterous teens that were obviously drunk... and who knows what else. (listen to me, I sound like a old bitty!) But seriously, being kept up til 4am, forced to listen to these kids swear like long-shore men, puking their brains out, breaking windows isn't what we signed up for-- And yes, the cops did show up! Dare I say the trees had been fully toilet papered? No questions asked, our bill was waived. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

The next day definitely made up for our rotten night at Chateau de Lido. We took a walk to the craft fair that was happening in town: mainly paintings, photography and sculptures. While there was one vendor selling hand-knits, I'll be honest, they were a bit frightening. Lots of primary colors and fun fur. Yep.
Sadly, not a skein of yarn to be found. Even upon Knit-Mapping yarn shops in Montauk and the Hamptons, only one popped-up. I would have liked to go, but it was a bit off the beaten path.

After, Dennis and I hit up the beach by the Lighthouse. OK, I'm a genuine sourpuss when it comes to the beach. Sand, wind, cold water, tanning... Not a fan. This baffles me, since I used to LOVE the beach when I was younger. Now I just complain about being exposed to the elements. Poor Dennis. He loves hiking, nature and the outdoors in general, but as a wise Someecards greeting once said:

This time, however, I came prepared! We picked up beach chairs and plopped them down by the edge of the water, so the only thing getting sandy and wet were my feet. :) And, definitely made for more comfortable beach knitting. Which brings me to the next topic!


My Fiona All Grown-Up is finished! I cast off while driving back home to Brooklyn. It fits so well, although, admittedly, halter-style tops don't really suit me, since I have rather modest "ladies." Fiona definitely requires a bra of some sort, so I guess I'll be investing in one of those "As Seen On TV" Strapperfect bra thingies. OK, enough about that.
I bought these pretty black gem buttons for the back, but of course, they were too big. Something told me to bring Fiona with me to the store! Now, I'll have to wait until next Saturday to buy the right size. In the meantime, I tacked on 4 of those pearly white buttons that come in one of those cheap-o sewing kits.

As soon as I cast off Fiona, I cast on the Lemongrass Bolero. After all, we had about 2 more hours of driving ahead of us. Here's a photo of what my packing usually looks like... even for a quick weekend getaway:

Let's see... we've got my Shetland Triangle Shawl, Fiona, an extra skein of Comfy, A skein of Malabrigo in Mariposa and Jewel Blue... in case I wanted to get a head-start on my mom's Print O' The Wave Shawl. Oh yes... and my tiny bag of tools. Amazingly, under all that is a clean change of clothes, a curling iron and a bag of make-up. Nice to know hygiene is still a priority when it comes to packing.
Until next time, I'll try to get better pics of my Fiona top-- of course when I have the right buttons sewn on and a better bra sitch. ;-)