Sicky Icky

I left work early today, on account of a food plague. My stomach was doing cartwheels all morning and after a feverish chill, I decided it was time to go home. After a nice bowl of soup, a few shots of Pepto and some knitting therapy, I almost feel right as rain. :) And look! I even have time to blog!

So, my Dad's birthday is coming up at the end of May and figured I've give myself a head start on his present. He's been complaining about his office having an Arctic-like climate, so I'm designing a cowly-scarf of sorts for him using the worsted Malabrigo I adopted purchased at Brooklyn General. I was having second thoughts about the color (Roanoke) but after seeing it knit up, it's really lovely.
My selfishness is even kicking in, thinking how cute it would be paired with some bright green buttons I found at JUNK. Hmm... ;-)
For his, I might get some of those wooden oblong buttons.

Yesterday, I picked up the spring/summer 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting. I was actually surprised by how many patterns I wanted to knit from it-- Especially this #21 Lace Tunic by Brooke Nico, on page 65.

Would be perfect for our summer trips to Cape Cod! If there's one thing I'm not crazy about is the wind. And it gets windy!