Knitcation Day 1

9:50 am - Morning Knit

I was hoping to swing by the post office to pick up my KnitPicks yarn package. Good thing I called ahead, because they can't locate it at the moment. Super! Apparently they delivered it 3 days ago, while I wasn't home. You think they'd leave a notice on the door to let me know. Nope. The PO worker I spoke with said it might just be out for delivery again...Here's hoping.

In the meantime, knitting merrily away on my Hemlock Ring whilst contemplating which yarn shop to hit up. I need some DK weight cotton yarn to knit the lacey tunic from Vogue Knitting and some Malabrigo for my dad's version of Amawalk. Perhaps Brooklyn General, if I'm feeling daring. Or maybe bike over to Michaels, and save the splurge for La Casita on Saturday! I've been longing to check it out, and finally meet Ria!!! No major plans, so I should be able to make it. ;-)

12:00 pm - Major De-Stash

Had to be done. I think there's even some hand-me-down fun fur in there. Definitely time to go.

3:00 pm - Tour de Craft

Just back from a 6 mile bike ride to and from Michael's in Queens. Call me crazy, but the exercise felt good. I'm not a fan of going for walks or biking without an intended destination. So, a trip to the craft store to buy more YARN was definitely motivating.
However, since I started spoiling myself with the good stuff, I don't get too excited about acrylic yarn anymore, and their cotton selection was lame. But, I rode all that way, so I wasn't leaving empty handed. Nope. I picked up some blocking pins, US 5 dpns, and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft. One in Watermelon and Heather gray. Something about the color combo just screamed "Summer needs a baby blanket!"

Now to get back to knitting my Hemlock Ring.

5:00pm - Post Office Showdown

Convinced I wasn't going to receive my Knit Picks via delivery truck, I called the Post Office again. A very rude woman picked up. I politely asked if she could "check to see if my package was at their facility, so that I may come and pick it up." She asked for my delivery receipt number, and I explained that the delivery person never left one. She retorted, "Call the 800 number or go to the website and find out there!" I explained how I did this and it wasn't helpful. I then tried offering her my tracking number. This did no good. She was shouting now. "No, Ma'am! YOU go the website or call the 800 number. Or YOU come HERE with your tracking number. We don't do that no more!" Right. I wasn't going to listen to this woman speak to me like that anymore, so I hung up. (bear in mind, I've called in the past to check up on packages with no problem. Clearly this woman was disgruntled and / or lazy)
Long story short, I tried again later. A different person answered-- a bit more skilled in customer service, and sure enough, they had my package! With 15 minutes to get to the PO before it closed, I hoped on my bike and was back home cuddling my yarn!

-- Sorry to bombard you with my Post Office dilemma. I just had to get it off my chest. From now on, I'm just going to have yarn shipped to my office. Faster. Less drama.

::pours glass of wine:: Back to knitting!

6:00PM - Feather & Fan Kick

After perusing Ravelry for Mother's day ideas, I purchased and cast on Feather Duster, a shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence, using the purple fingering Frog Tree Alpaca. Hmm.. Apparently I'm on a feather and fan kick. While the fuzziness is perfect, I'm not sure the color does justice to the pattern. Then again, I'm only 3 repeats into the pattern, so I'll give it a chance for now. And by fuzzy, I mean FUZZY. It's a shedder... but it's so soft... Hmm... what to do, what to do?

Maybe it was the stress from earlier events, but it took me a while to get this project going... not to mention, I broke my ball winder!!! 8-/

With hope, tomorrow will be more chill.
I also took a quick iPhone photo wearing Amawalk to work last Thursday, and ran it through this app called Swankolab, which does some pretty trippy stuff! :-) Anywho, going to write up a pattern for it soon!