Blocking Kristin

Amawalk is finished! (aka the "Scowl" I was knitting for my dad's birthday) I know, I know... I couldn't resist sewing on the green buttons. It had to be done. Dennis grew fond of it as well and so we've agreed to share it as needed. Besides, I think my dad would appreciate a different color scheme all together. I'm thinking medium heather gray with pale brown wooden buttons-- But overall, a successful prototype!

Saturday, I made use of a gift certificate to Massage Williamsburg, a b-day present from Dennis back in January. Lordy knows, I needed a good "blocking!"-- pun totally intended! *ba-dump-bump-ching!* Long story short... it was A-mazing! (If you're reading this, Thanks Pooks!!!)
After, I biked over to The Yarn Tree... OK, I know. I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet. ESPECIALLY, since I have more Knit Picks yarn coming in the mail any day now. But since I was already pampering myself, I couldn't resist.

I was hoping to find some reasonably priced DK weight cotton, to knit that lacey tunic from Interweave Knits.-- However, while all the yarn this store sells is incredibly yummy, it ain't budget friendly. Then again, I did leave with 2 skeins of gorgeous Frog Tree Fingering Alpaca. I.AM.WEAK. That is all.

OK, I recently purchased some Simply Cotton Worsted yarn from KnitPicks... I was going to knit another Vinelle with it, but realized, worsted cotton + US 8 is a smidge too stretchy. (I should probably mention that in the pattern notes) With Mother's day coming up, I decided to knit up a Hemlock Ring throw with it instead.
You see, most patterns beginning with the Emily Ocker cast on are incredibly sly at sucking you in. They start out easy, enjoyable... but until you reach the point of 300+ stitches, you realize, Sheisse! This is going to take FOREVER! Oh, it will. But in the end it's totally worth it. So far, I've knit the meat of the pattern. From here on out, it's smooth mindless feather & fan sailing. One ball down, 4 more to go!


This Thursday and Friday I have off! ::does happy dance:: Since I have nothing else going on, I've decided to plan a "Knitcation," if you will. Yes, there will be knitting, there will be designing, there will be blogging... and by golly, there will by yarn shopping! (You didn't read that, Dennis). All in all, I'm going to make it as exciting as possible. Stay tuned!

End note-- OK, so here's me knitting away in my "knitting lounge"... As you can see, there's a poor neglected painting eisel behind me. Before and even during the time I discovered knitting, I painted. Everyone would tell me, "Oh, you should be an artist! You're so good at it, paint!"... and I did. Weird stuff-- Surreal, nonsensical things. Honestly, I never knew what the heck to paint. I was never passionate about it, the way I am about knitting. I tried to be. But inspiration never came naturally, like knitting does. Case in point (brace your selves): Behold! The Mernicorn!

That being said, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Until the next post, see you on Twitter!