Thanks to Blogger in Draft Design Tools, I gave my blog a much needed makeover... and also added a patterns page!

At the moment, I have 3 projects on the needles: Mara, Conifer and a cardigan of my own design.

While it's taking FOREVER to finish either project, I like that Mara is something mindless I can knit while watching TV, Conifer is a more challenging alternative and the cardigan is keeping the creative juices flowing.

As a person who is extremely fidgity when I have nothing to do with my hands, I have a project to suit any mood!

The cardigan I'm designing is turning out a smidge longer in length than planned, only because I decided to add waist-shaping later on. This isn't a bad thing. I actually like my sweaters to be a little longer. I'm even contemplating adding a hood!

Also had to swing by my LYS to buy more Cascade 220. B.E. Yarns only displays 2 skeins of the same color at a time, and since I bought both skeins of light blue last weekend, they since had not restocked.

So, I asked the lovely shopkeeper if she had any light blue left. She nodded and pointed to a skein of Dark blue... I thought to myself, "this is going to be difficult." I should note: Greenpoint Brooklyn is a predominantly Polish neighbourhood. Hence, a Polish / English language barrier. Thankfully, all was resolved and turns out she had a whole bag o' Light blue in the back! Woohoo!

And so, another rainy weekend has flown by. So much knitting... so little time.