Busy Bee Part 2

Lots of knitting, pattern-writing and yarn buying this past week. Possibly the most productive I've ever been, knit-wise!

Without babbling on too much about what I've been up to, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Another 'Mystery' garment I'm whipping up.

Conifer Shawl from KnitScene using Cotton Ease in Stone

In other news, Dennis and I went wedding venue hunting this weekend out in Hudson Valley. Here, we're crashing the Morse Estate... Morse, as in the person who created Morse code. Apparently, he had excellent taste in acreage and upon his passing opened up the property for public viewing and events. Not sure if that's exactly how the story goes, but the fact that we were'nt attacked by vicious dogs whilst prancing about the lawn was a tell-tail.

Dennis decides the twigs taste a bit twiggy.

Taking Owls out for a Spin. ..._._.._..... (morse?)

Later we stopped off at Adam's Market for their Annual Flower Show / Food Fest... How can I describe it? Let's just say the tulip to cheese selection ratio was about equal.