Mission Snap Dragon Flip-Tops: Accomplished!

~ Pointy-hat mitteny thing ~

I refused to leave the apartment until I cast off the last Snap Dragon Flip-Top. 7:45pm, mission accomplished! Rummaged through my ever-increasig button collection and found these puppies:

~ Button a la JUNK ~

One of my favorite JUNK store finds. I have one more button and enough yarn leftover... perhaps a valid excuse to knit a matching hat. Hmm...

~ usual shower curtain back drop / turned-head pose ~

I was so excited, I posted a photo of it on my Facebook page for all my non-knitty friends to oggle... Mainly positive responses, but later when we all met up for drinks, Dennis' friend replied, "What was that pointy hat-looking mitten thing you posted earlier?" I laughed, pulled said mitten out of bag and demonstrated it's wonderous dynamics. Needless to say he and his girlfriend starred back in awe. ;-)

~ Flip-Top Cast On ~

Casting the flip-top bit on took some time for me to figure out... but it's simple: You're really just running a strand of yarn through 22 stitches with a darning needle (working yarn hanging to the left, tail hanging on the right), then plucking the strand between each stitch, creating 22 loops. These loops, in turn become your cast on stitches... I hope that sense...

I wasn't a total hermit yesterday-- had my first Michael's Craft Store experience and nearly collapsed in a heap of excitement! They mainly sell acrylic yarns, but sell the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, that the Here's To Ewe gals mentioned on their podcast. It's 100% Pure Virgin Wool with natural lanolin oil and only $9 a 400-something yard skein! Tempted, but they only had one skein left of the color I liked. Instead, I bought 5 skeins of Lion Brad Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Oatmeal, which were all on sale. True, it's only 10% pure wool, and the rest acrylic, but what the hell! I smell a quick-knit cardi in the works!

Also, here are a few shots from GalleryBar, the club we went to last night. There were oodles of these female body moldings hanging on the walls, each with different themes by different artists. Pretty outrageous, but I love it! I think if I were to have my own take on one, I'd leave it blank and just knit a sweater for it... and maybe some underloos... but I bet you're all thinking the same thing. ;-)