I've fallen off the radar again... possibly due to a night of birthday festivities and excess. All I can say is that I've learned my lesson, and learned it well: Vodka & Jaegger. They do not mix. The next morning will not be pretty. Heed my words. Other than that, it was a lovely birthday!

Dennis drove me to The Yarn Tree, where I bought two skeins of super soft Frog Tree Worsted Merino wool! I've been meaning to check out this LYS for a while, but it's been too cold... and I've bee too lazy! All in all, a very nice shop with lots of yummy, fluffy (albeit pricey) yarn. But do check it out. The people who work there are super nice, too!

Later, we ate at Five Leaves, a restaurant the late Heath Ledger opened in Williamsburg. The food is soooooo gooooood!!!! It's like an upscale London pub / oyster bar... with an incredible list of drinks. I ordered the Roasted Icelandic Cod, which came on a bed of spinach with chickpeas and macademia nuts! Need I say more? Very tasty... again, a little pricy, but well worth it! :-9

And so, with my new yarn, I cast on Ysolda's Snap Dragon Flip-Tops... so far, so good. It's a slow knit, since there's LOTS of cabling... but they're turning out so pretty! I can't wait to wear them. Especially since I've misplaced one of my Rhinebeck mittens. :-( But I know it's around. I'll find it...

Other than that, I've been a busy bee... Editing away at work, non stop. By the time I get home, it's time to cook dinner with barely any time to knit (probably why my mittens are taking forever and a day). I did make a binder to keep all my patterns in, since they seem to be accumulating in mass piles of paper around my knitting alcove. I figured some organization was in order.