Trial & Error

I spent the last few days, without avail, attempting to design a triangular shawl pattern; I know, I know... something far beyond my expertise! But I felt like a challenge. The whole thing is very trial and error: Figuring out where to make the increases, repeat rounds, and swatch knitting... oh yes, the whole kit-n-kaboodle!
Thus far, it's been an epic fail but I have to give myself credit. I'm determined to make it work. I rarely feel this way about anything, except the important things of course! I've bought books, researched online, you name it! I've got my resources set up. So, if it doesn't work today, it'll work a little more tomorrow. Of course, Dennis probably thinks I've lost my mind in the process...

And so, this weekend is my birthday! Sunday will be gobbled up at my parents' house, so Dennis and I are pre-celebrating today. I'm not letting him off easy either... I anticipate storming various yarn shops that I haven't been to... hitting up Michaels for buttons and various crafty things, and maybe... just maybe a trip to IKEA. ;-) Dinner & drinks with friends after! Weeee!