Happy Sunday!

I seem to have put the blog on the back burner for a bit. Mainly because of a crazy work schedule, getting other things done and then taking advantage of every free moment to knit. And yes, there's been lots of knitting! I finished my Owls Sweater last night, blocked it and then started sewing on the eyes. That is going to take a while! Fingers crossed-- I can knock it out this morning so I can wear it later! :D (Even though it's still a smidge damp...)

**UPDATE** Finished blocking / sewing on buttons!!!

However, the pattern wasn't written very clear, in my opinon. I interpreted the direction c/o as "cast-on", but really it was "cast-off"... froggery ensues! But wait! It doesn't end there. After completing the short rows, I realized the stitches were off-center to where the armholes should be... so I had to frog back once again, and figure out the math myself... not a terrible nightmare, but you know... Other than that, it's a very lovely pattern and for the most part, straight-forward.

CheeckyTart on Twitter is also knitting Owls... sounds like she's almost done and can't wait to see her version of it!

~Other Projects~
The itty bitty cardi I was knitting for Juliana is currently on hold. It was turning out alright, but I really wish I didn't include that lace bit. Lesson learned once again: Varigated yarn + lace = big no no! (although, I'm sure there's an exception... I will find it!)

I spent some time browsing paid patterns on Ravelry sending proceeds to help Haiti, and decided on Ysolda's Little Birds pattern. It was the perfect excuse, since I've had my eye on this pattern for some time, but have actually been a little scared. I've done Fair Isle knitting before, however unsuccessfully, and even scarier, it involves STEEEEEKING!!!! Eeeek! So, I'm biting the bullet. That, and I had to find some reason to break away from my Ishbel knitting-addiction ;-)

I've been watching a few video tutorials on Steeking, and it actually doesn't seem so frightening. It's all about reinforcing your stitches to make sure they don't unravel. I suppose the part I find scary is the sewing... something I don't exactly excell at. But If I can sew 34 itty bitty buttons onto a sweater... there's still hope for me!