Mitaines & Moufles & Anthropologie

Happy Friday to all and to all a fun-filled Friday night! Yes... I just made that up. I'm just so flipping glad it's Friday. But you already knew that ;-)

I managed to get a lot of knitting done this morning, thanks to whomever decided it was a good idea to shovel snow flurries at 5am. It barely snowed half an inch! What's to shovel but concrete? Nevertheless, I was up, and knitting away on my Mitaines & Moufles. I still have a ways to go, but I'm half way done with the first Mitaine.

Oh yes, then there's my Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet. I really didn't give this project much press, for whatever reason. It was more of an "I'll knit whatever the hell I can get my needles on" kind of thing... a knitter's act of desperation if you will. I finished it in a day, and proudly wore it to work. I felt quite smart wearing it over my black and white Toile dress with leggings and boots. :) I used Knit Picks Cadena in Neptune... I don't usually wear aqua marine, but this version of the color is amazing!