I've been trying to do things outside of 'the box' lately. I'm a terrible creature of habit, so I think it's good that I try something new here and there.

I've never been one for knitting toys, but a few nights ago I stumbled on FuzzyMitten's Ravelry page and was reduced to a giant puddle of "Awwwwww!"... I couldn't help myself from casting on her free Fuzzy Lamb pattern.

So far so good. I plan on sneaking it into Dennis carry on before he leaves for California, next week! He'll think I've totally lost the plot, but love him nonetheless! ;-)

I also found a new years resolution I can stick to... 100 Ideas by Keri Smith. Someway, some how, I'm going to work my way through this entire list! (with the exception of 'filling an entire page with circles and coloring them all in'... somehow, i don't find that very productive or inspsiring)

That being said, it's time for work. It's always time for work. work work work. The weekend can never come soon enough.