Skeined Knees

For Christmas, I would like a yarn swift. No pretty dresses, not cash. A yarn swift, just so I don't have to assume the position. By "position", I mean sitting up-right, feet flat on the floor and knees tilted right at a 45 degree angle, towards my KnitPicks ball winder, with skein of yarn draped carefully over said knees. This method usually works well, until the yarn snags and causes a massive tangle!

I spent the morning winding lace Malabrigo. This time, I was determined to be extra careful, but of course, the inevitable happened. The casualty was not bad... maybe lost a good 2 or 3 yards. But after that, off the winder it came and enlisted my right hand to wrap-around the rest. The whole process took me over an hour and a half, but thankfully I had the KnitMore Girls podcast to keep me company.

Also, today, Dennis bought me a bicycle! It's all vintage, shiny and blue! My last one was stolen and he found this one on Craigslist for a steal. I love him!!!

In the car, on the way to pick up le bicyclette, I started another Ishbel with aforementioned Malabrigo, in Velvet Grapes. I have officially entered a yarn coma.