Sadly, I finished listening to all four books of the Twilight saga... I admit, it's left me wanting more. however, this is a good thing, because I was getting absolutely nothing done! Just sitting in my alcove, listening and knitting away, as the dishes and laundry just piled up. Not to mention, I abandoned poor Dennis for a fictional vampire fest!
But still, I'm a little ho-hum now, because I'm at a loss for what I should listen to next. Of course, I have all my knitting podcasts to catch up on: Electric Sheep, KnitPicks, Knitmore Girls... I'm set for a few days. But books! Maybe something a little more substantial is in order? :-P

So, what's on the needles these days? I hit a brick wall in the inspiration department, and without thinking, cast on a third Ishbel. I'm using KnitPicks's Stroll in Basalt Heather, which I orignially wanted to use to knit a Daybreak scarf for Dennis, but when I mentioned it was triangular, he made a face that kind of said, "um, yeah. no." (note to self: significant other adverse to triangles)... duly noted.

In other news, I treated myself to a new digital camera. The Kodak one I bought about a year ago is just crap. The only thing good about it was that it didn't take batteries. It charged via the computer and I was good to go... and it's purple! Well, this one is made by Canon, and minty green! 12 megapixels and takes 2 AA batteries. I think you'll notice a difference in the next few photos I take. ::keeping fingers crossed::

That being said, I have a few New Years Resolutions.. though I rarely make/keep them. But without further ado:

  1. Drink more water -- I drink too much Diet soda. Coke in particular. Frankly, I'm sick of family and co-workers sending me articles on the dangers of aspartame.
  2. Take more photos -- hence the new digi cam. Especially since this past year has been severely lacking in the photography department.
  3. Learn Magic Loop Method... More for knitting sleeves than socks.
  4. Learn Provisional Cast On Method... seriously, wtf is the provisional cast on method?!
  5. Maybe I should include "drink less"... but honestly, I only drink one or two glasses of wine a night. I don't drink beer and hard liquor is a once in a blue moon thing. Meh. ::raises wine glass:: Cheers!
  6. Get drivers license!!! (probably not the best follow up to No. 5... but there you have it)

OK, before I get ahead of myself... 6 resolutions, I can aspire to, yet not hold myself to.

Happy New year all!