Late Adopter

Thanks to the snowy weather, and my PiMSy mood, I managed to get a lot of knitting done, *snicker* and officially engrossed in the Twilight saga. As a late adopter, I must admit, I scoffed at the whole thing, but curiosity killed the cat. Go ahead... laugh all you want. I'm a sucker for fluffy plots. I've become totally engrossed. No turning back. At the moment I'm mid-way through the third book. One more to go! What to do when it's all over??? Hehe.

OK, on to knitting. I finished knitting Wisp! Surprisingly, JUNK came through on the button end. I found these grayish pearl-esque ones that match Malabrigo's Pearl Ten perfectly! Still not sure who to give it to... I almost want to be selfish and keep it for myself. It's so soft, and totally my color. Hmmmm.

I also decided to knit Dennis a pair of Cruiser mittens. He said he didn't want a pair, but who came through with a purse full-o-mittens while carrying groceries home in the frigid air? Moi. ;-)

Can't believe the weekend's over. It's all going by too fast. Christmas is going to stink because I'm on-call for work. Of all days, that's when the whole healthcare reform thing is going to happen, so if anything "news worthy" occurs, guess who they're gonna call? Hmm... I wonder how video editing under the influence will go over? ;-)