Ishbel & The Unicorn

Aside from a small walk with Dennis earlier, I must've spent my entire Sunday Knitting. I finished Habitat, then jumped right into knitting Ishbel by Ysolda. Using Knit Picks Telemark in Garnet Heather, I was debating whether to use Sport Weight Wool, but since my Swallowtail is out of commission, I figured it would be a good winter replacement. I've been knitting away at it like a mad woman and just about 75% finished!

After perusing's Malabrigo yarn, I took the plunge and ordered 2 lace-weight skeins! One in Pearl Ten, the other in Velvet Grapes. Maybe I can knit up some quick Ishbels for Xmas gifts. If I can finish the one I'm working on in two more days, I can make it happen! I have the power. I have the technology! ::Cue Million Dollar Man Sound Effect::
This is a disaster waiting to happen... isn't it?

Finally, I should tell you I have a rather unhealthy obsession with unicorns. Heavens knows why, I find them pretty, majestic and just over-the-top ridiculous! That's all there is to it, I suppose. Which is why I nearly spat soda out of my nostril, jumping up and down with glee after stumbling upon Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Sock yarn in "Unicorn"!

I would never be caught dead wearing colors like these, but I must own a skein! Maybe I can knit my nieces, Summer and Julianna something to justify the cause. Either way... It will be mine! Muah hahaha!

Back to the magical world of knitting!