Ishbel 2


Man, what a looooong day at work. I only stayed a half hour over time, but it felt like more.

I stalked my yarn shipment this morning and it's been sitting in the Greenpoint Post Office since Saturday. So naturally, I was looking forward to coming home to Dennis, and a nice big box of yummy wool. However, there was no box, and I just caught Dennis on the way out to band practice. ho-hum.

This is why I opt to have stuff shipped to my office. My hood's post office might as well revive the Pony Express at the rate they go. If you think about it, with all the hipsters ranting and raving about being more "green", it would be more energy efficient, and not to mention a cuter ride.

I really hope it comes tomorrow, because I'm leaving for Miami on Thursday. Yes, Kristin is going on vacation... well, on 3-day get-away with fiance's band.


I finished Ishbel 2 last night, and amazingly, I still have yarn left over... probably enough to make another if I wanted! It's a lot smaller than the red one, but oodles softer. I steamed it a little with the iron, but it needs good blocking later.

Last day of work before vacation! Wooo! My yarn is still sitting in the Post Office ::grumbles::
I hope it gets here tonight, or I'm just going to cry. I have some yarn to tide me over on vacation, but that just means I have to re-think my travel projects.

Also, I broke down and downloaded Twilight on Audiobook. Mostly out of curiosity, and because I was at a loss of what else to listen to. Not to mention, my favorite knitting podcasts are on hiatus. I'm about half-way through it, and to be honest, I'm not incredibly wowed. It's a teeny-bopper book, although a little more engaging than Harry Potter... another series I just never got into. However, it's got my attention enough to make it through the rest. ;-)

That being said, maybe I'll knit the infamous Bella's Mittens on the plane.


Yarn came! Leaving at 4am and still haven't packed! Eeeep!