Saturday Knitting

Enjoying a totally lazy day of knitting. I've been up since 7am, putting a major dent in my cardigan. Don't worry, I got out to enjoy the sun, and the strangely warm weather we've been having. I also made Spicy Lentil soup with Ham and Veggies for lunch! Normally I make Split Pea, but this weekend I decided to try something different. Feast your eyes!

While out, I stopped in my LYS to pick up some hook and eye closures for said cardigan. I made the mistake of not reading the pattern all the way through (like I doooo), and failed to make the button holes where they were required. Oopsies! But no worries. Closures and faux buttons to the rescue!

Speaking of buttons, I need to visit JUNK-- a relatively new vintage store that opened near me. It mostly sells furniture (not too expensive)... chinaware, clothes, jewelry... but more recently, creepy little dolls! You know the kind you'd find sitting in your granny's china cabinet, wearing a pretty dress, and opens and closes their eyes when you tilt them? Yes. Those! I don't know where they dug these creatures up, or who donated them, but they're planted everywhere around the store: Alcoves! Shelves! Reclining on furniture! (Which to be honest, is more scary than cute)... Anyway, back to the point... JUNK has 3 big bowls FILLED to the brim with buttons, which I'll be raiding shortly!

Dennis just picked up some Indian take-out! Mmmm. Happy Saturday!