Optimus Comatose

For the holidays, I decided I want to knit the DROPS Baby Poncho for my 2 little nieces! I've seen this pattern around, but I can't ignore it anymore! It's too cute!!! They're definitely a little older than the baby in the photo, but I think I can pull it off.

Speaking of holiday gifts, I asked my mom what she wanted me to knit her for Christmas. Her answer? A long scarf knit in red eye-lash yarn! I'm not kidding. I'm sorry, mom. You can beg and plead all you want. I love you but that's just not going to happen. What is it? Seriously, non-knitting family members ALWAYS ask for the things we knitters LOATHE to knit... There should be a Knitters' Code that we pass along to them before we cast on our holiday projects. Just the other week when I asked my cousin what her favorite color is, she of course said, "If it's something knitted, black! Black! Black!" NO! No! No!

I love you all, but I'm knitting you something in a cheery color with manageable wool and you're all going to like it! So there! ;-)

~ KnitPicks ~

I put my KnitPicks order through! As promised, they restocked their Iris Heather WoTA. This time I ordered 6 skeins extra! ::does happy dance:: Of course that led me to buy more yarn... a few interesting shades of red, and 2 skeins of Claret Heather. I have no idea what to knit with, but the color was too pretty to pass up.

~ Life ~

I have this old-person habit of falling asleep on the sofa when we're watching a movie that is or becomes disengaging. This normally happens when Dennis rents a war, sci-fi or action flick and I try to counter this habit by knitting. Last night we watched Transformers 2, and after the first few minutes of non-stop ADD action sequences my attention wandered to my cardigan. All was fine, until I realized it was time to start the shaping decreases. This meant I have to mind those rows, the cabling rows, and Optimus Prime's every move! It was a lost cause and succumbed to optimus comatose.

OK, it's off to work. Happy Friday to all!