My Left Hand

Sunday night I dozed off on the sofa watching TV. About a half hour later, I woke up and realized my left arm fell asleep and never woke up! Totally useless, and dead as a doormat! After freaking out and scouring WebMD, we decided it might be a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel.... or as Dennis claims, too-much-knittigitus, and I should lay-off the knitting for a while! Pffft!

I saw a doctor, an 80-year-old woman where I could swear everything from the furniture in her office to the medical tools she used was an antique. I told her my plight and she chalked it up to "Saturday Night-itus" ... or something rather. I looked at her like she had 3 heads and she continued, "You know when the drunks fell asleep in the park with one arm up on the bench? They couldn't feel their arm in the morning. That's what you've got!"
"Well, I did have 2 drinks with friends last night..." I replied. She said nothing of importance after that, and prescribed me pills "to help my nerves"... which after looking up on the web is also used to treat seizures, and may evoke thoughts of suicide... fun! We'll see how this works out.

~ DAY 2 ~

Hand feels a little better. Finger wiggling in check. Knitting capabilities, meh. Typing abilities... no go. In the meantime, until it heals positive thoughts. :-)
People at work being super accommodating about my maimed appendage, given I need it to do my job. My boss recommended I see his chiropractor, so I made an appointment.

~Day 3~

The chiropractor I saw was amazing! Way more informative than the other doctor. Apparently I have tiny bones and loose ligaments which makes me more susceptible to pinched nerves and such. Awesome.

In the meantime, I ordered more yarn from knit picks. They're still out of the color I need, So I ordered this one instead to keep me busy over the weekend... that is if it gets here in time! But honestly, at the rate I'm knitting because of my hand, the current skein should hold out.

~ Day 4 ~
Hand feeling oodles better. My typing is coming around. OK, enough about my hand!

Stalked the status of my yarn... Departed Edison, NJ! Looks like I'll get it today or tomorrow! Woohoo! What to knit? What to knit? I'm determined to make something from Interweave's Fall 2009, so I was looking at Every Way Wrap, Slanting Gretel Tee, or even Owls Sweater... Hmmm...