It's been a weekend of Knitting! Work's been a bit stressful lately, so it was good to just sit and do nothing but what I love to do most, hours on end, no less! I've managed to put a major dent in my Baby Cables & Big Ones Too sweater. Aside from one tiny (but in my mind GAPING) hole, there are several unsightly mistakes, but since they are unsightly, I won't mention them. ;-)

Sunday, Dennis and I took a walk along Manhattan Avenue to check out the Marathon. Usually we just sit at home and watch it mindlessly on the boob-tube, but this year, we got out. It was pretty exciting, come to think of it. Not only watching professional runners run, but those who actually dress up in silly costumes like lions, tigers, and dudes in pink tutus, to name a few. It was like the Halloween Parade on speed! But my absolute favorite part of the marathon was seeing a local Polish metal band called "Wet Coma" play right outside my LYS! I couldn't believe my eyes and had to take a picture. Probably a good thing they were closed or I could see the poor ladies who own the shop strapping skeins of yarn to their ears to muffle the music they were making!

I've also been listening to the Electric Sheep podcast, and while I love Knit Pick's, it's nice to have found an alternative. I love how it's not all about knitting. She's actually really funny and thought-provoking! So, definitely give her a listen.

And last but not least... my Halloween costume, which at the last minute was inspired by a Mark Ryden painting.