2 Days After Thanksgiving

Hey there,
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!... or if you don't celebrate, a great last Thursday! Lucky me got to enjoy 2 Turkey Day events: Thursday with my family, and Friday with Dennis' family. Good times, and SOOOOO MUCH FOOOOOOOD! It's safe to say I'm stuffed 'til New Years. But I did get to see my two little nieces, Summer who's just starting to walk, and Julianna who is starting to talk! She actually called us Uncle Dennis and Aunt Kristin for the first time!!! Yaaay! So cute!)

All finished blocking the Rosamund Cardigan, but still have to figure out the button sitch... I love the color and how the cables turned out, but to be honest, I'm still not liking the short sleeves. May just gift it to my mom for Christmas since she fell in love with it when I showed it to her.

(Vernal Equinox Shawl has officially become a sofa spread!)

With the leftover wool, I knit Dennis Habitat by Jared Flood. It turned out so cool, that I may just snag it! ;-) It was really fun and quick to knit, and definitely want to whip up another.. maybe for my office Secret Santa!

(lap vision)

My yarn also came in the mail yesterday! Going to spend the day browsing Ravelry for projects to knit!... whilst continuing to plow my way through Little Cables & Big Ones Too Pullover.... Finally! It's been too long.

Also in the midst of listening to the Holiday Episode of Here's to Ewe... freakin' hilarious! I will never trust anything with thumbs again. ;-)