Aside from being called-in to work to cover the "Balloon Boy" presser (apparently very newsworthy stuff) it was a great weekend. Thankfully, KnittingKnoobie jogged my memory about Rhinebeck and remembered to go on Saturday!

I heard about it on the car radio last weekend and mentioned to Dennis that we should check it out. Although, I had no idea it was a big deal... a very big deal!

I know, I was banking on being a vegetable this weekend (A parsnip, specifically) but, how can I pass on infinite tents of wool and sheep? Rain or shine... not possible!

Where to start? First we hit up the food show, where we stuffed our faces full of dip, biscottis, jerky, cheese and yes... WINE! Almost bought a bottle. They had a dessert wine that tasted like chocolate and banana! :-9

Speaking of which, one of my favorite knitted things I saw there were the knitted wine glass cozies... or holders... or satchels... whatever you can call them-- I should have bought one! Then again, it would only encourage my wine consumption. Wouldn't want my drinking to get as out of control as my knitting. Then again, how cool would it be to wear it at a party??

Amazingly, I made away with one skein of Watercolors Worsted Superwash from Periwinkle Sheep in Suede. I'm knitting up a pair of mittens with it now! Operation: Woolly Mittens is on!

So without further ado, I give you more photos from Rhinebeck!