K's Day Off

Well, I had a relatively productive day off. I was perusing the web for new knitting blogs to follow when I stumbled upon Yarn Harlot's new pattern, Pretty Thing. I huddled around my space heater and cast on with a ball of Palette in Iris Heather. Several hours later, I'm almost done!

Of course I took a break in between. Ran a few errands and bought a new and better pair of boots. The pair I bought at H&M a few weeks ago got so trashed. If there's one thing they don't do well, it's shoes. Their heels wear down so quickly to a metal stub, you can hear me clicking and clacking a mile away!

At the end of the day, I baked a batch of Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies. My apartment smelled so yum, I couldn't wait for Dennis to get home... but he had to work late and by then I heated up some Indian curry chickpeas for dinner, which overrode the smell of baking. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy it while it lasted. :-)