Friday Blather

Disclaimer: Sorry, no photo for this entry. I promise oodles more in the next!

Another week gone by (albeit, 4 days) and so much to talk about.

Firstly, I would like to quasi apologize to Suri Dream. While you are a challenge to knit with, nickel-plated needles make you that much more manageable, as fellow Ravel-er HoneyBee33 pointed out. Yes, I posted a cry for help on the KnitPicks Lovers message board on Ravelry.... read the drama here.

Next, I accidentally broke one of my US10 Zephyr needles. It was dark. I was actually turning on the light, when I heard a SNAP! under my foot. *le sigh*

Third, I discovered the Electric Sheep podcast! ::does happy dance:: I've practically gone through all the KnitPick's podcasts and was searching high and low for another equally amazing podcast to entertain me while commuting to and from work... or while knitting... or lying on the beach... --- anyway. Electric Sheep, excellent podcast!

Finally, this weekend is the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival in Dutchess County. I heard the ad on the radio last week, and then totally forgot about it until Susie (aka KnittingKnoobie) reminded me about it today!
Dennis' fam invited us out to Poughkeepsie tomorrow (amazingly, that's where he's from) so it would work out perfectly! But...
a.) It's supposed to rain
b.) I'm on call for work so a 2 hour drive is pushing the evelope... just a smidge.
c.) Honestly, I was banking on just being a vegetable all weekend. Nothing but knitting. And if I go, I'm just going to buy more yarn, and I really don't need more yarn, for a fear I may drown in it. That being said, I'm staying put. Warm in my knitting womb.

Happy Happy Happy Friday!