Cowls & Mittens

I haven't been sleeping well and it showed in my work this week. Between caffeine and mosquitoes buzzing around my ear while trying to count woolly sheep, I've been acting like an absolute zombie! I'm kicking myself because I missed the deadline for my video edit. What was supposed to be approved by 1pm yesterday, is still unfinished. My boss's jaw dropped when he saw me still sitting there at 6:30pm, still hacking away at it. He wasn't mad. Just shocked. Unless he was holding back because it was Friday and he had a football game to catch. Who knows. At the rate I was going, I'd yell at me.

Just having one of those "weeks", I guess. Everyone has them... especially ladies. ;-)

Anyway, back to more important things...knitting!

I finished knitting my mittens with the Periwinkle Sheep wool I bought from Rhinebeck! I meant to post a photo of the skein but I'm embarassed to admit, halfway through winding it, it became a tangled mess of spaghetti! Thankfully I had just enough to make them. *phew!* These are actually my very first pair ad the color was so pretty I didn't want to take away from it with some crazy cable or aran pattern. Needless to say, I may need to buy more skeins. Plus, Karin of The Periwinkle Sheep is super nice! Definitely check out her blog.

I also finished "Pretty Thing" by Yarn Harlot a few weeks ago. I finally got around to taking photos. I'm not really a cowl-wearing person, but I couldn't resist knitting it. It might make a nice holiday gift. Or I could just get over my cowl snobbery and wear it. ;-)

In other news, I just cast on another pair of mittens. I really like knitting them! They're quick, easy, and useful! I put them right up there with sweaters... but provide instant gratification. I'm improvising my own design this time, so keep you fingers crossed that they look like mittens when I'm through.