Knitfitti in the Meat Packing District

I was hoping to finish Summer's blanket this morning, but turns out 4 skeins of Swish isn't gonna do it. So I'm putting in another KnitPicks order. Probably just one more skein of Lava heather and Carnation... since they're all out of Camel heather until November!!! Thankfully i'll be big enough. During the week, I took a break from the blanket and cast on my first sock! My tension / gauge is a little off, since I'm not really used to knitting on US 1 dpns (I really need to learn the magic loop method... I was just psyched to get it started). Yesterday Dennis and I meandered around the Meat Packing district looking for potential wedding locations. We hit up the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, but decided the place was too big and the view of Long Island City was kind of "meh"... We also walked along the new Highline and checked out The Standard Hotel for their events stuff, and what do ya know... they actually had knitted cozies for the posts around the entrance!!! And to top the day off, I splurged on the new iPod Nano that records video! Can anyone say, "Impusle buy?" It's shiny and green and I totally don't need it... well, given my last iPod is a bit scuffed up and the battery is not what it used to be... and using the iPod on my iPhone is a little inconveniet to use... ok, I'll stop. I'm such a gadget freak.