El Stasho

I took a trip to Target over the weekend and picked up these bad girls! 3 transparent Rubbermaid drawers in Green. My favorite color! I got the idea from Tina's Stash Organization post on KnitPicks. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but after seeing her nifty system, I decided it was time. It's not as organized as hers, but for now, I'm just glad yarn isn't rolling around the apartment like decorative tumble weeds anymore.

I was also inspired to do some serious stash dusting and busting. I chucked a whole garbage bag full of old UFOs and yarn I knew I'd never use now. (try Red Heart in Bikini)... ya. I don't think my little cousin Summer would wear a hat made from that yarn. So, now that my stash is down to a reasonable size, and under control, more knitting begins! I just finished knitting Dennis a basic hat made from DK Gloss in Winternight with strands of Palette Wallaby running through every 6 rows. I think I could have made it a little deeper, but he says he likes it and aside from the ribbing being a little too loose, it fits OK. Cut me some slack, it's the first hat I've knit in a looong time!

I'm also knitting the Twig Lace Cap using a kind of light purplish yarn I bought from a yarn shop in the East Village eons ago. I don't even know the name of it. But it's knitting up nicely and should be done with it by tonight.

I've been getting up early during the week, about 6:30am not only because I need ample time to do my make up, eat breakfast and dawdle... but just so I can get a decent hour of knitting in before work. However, that hour leads to an hour and fifteen, an hour and thirty... and before I know it, I still have to get dressed and be at work in less than thirty minutes! Needless to say I've made a habit of strolling into the office around 9:15. Thankfully no one sees when I come in, but I need to stop this. So, my new rule is 8:00am, needles down. get dressed. 8:30 out the door. Yes, it takes me 30 minutes to pick out an out fit, iron it, realize I don't want to wear that outfit, sift through a mass pile of clothes until I find what it is I want to wear... repeat. :-P

That being said, it's 10 to 8. 10 more minutes of precious knitting time!