This was my Cape Cod travel project: a deviated version of the Swallowtail shawl. Since, friends were hitching a ride with us, I decided to pick something that didn't require my full attention and since I already have the budding lace pattern memorized, I went with it throughout the entire thing! For the edging, I just did a simple k1 row on the WS, RS: yo, ssk, repeat, WS: knit, and BO.

I blocked it this mornig and I'm so wearing it to work today! Normally, I'm not a pink person, but I love the different subtle magenta/red/pink tones of Plymouth's Happy Feet, which ironically I bought two Cape Cod trips ago! (maybe I'll just nickname it my Cranberry Bog Shawl) It's intended for sock knitting, but it actually knits out to feel like a pashmina. Plus, the color is too pretty to wear on my feet.

I should also mention, ever since I knitted Vernal Equinox, I've totally converted to chart knitting! It all makes sense! woohoo!

In other news: My cousin Summer's first birthday is coming up this month, so I'm knitting her a blanket! I really have to get cracking on it, though. Her party is on the 20th... Maybe I should have rush-ordered my Knit Picks order. Oops. Meh, it's worsted weight, so it should knit up in a jiff! I'm thinking about knitting her the Pinwheel Baby Blanket with these alterating colors in Swish:

Ok, off to work. It's Friday!!! Three-Day Weeked!!! Woohoo!!!