Chincoteague Island

Another busy week, but I'm getting a lot of knitting in! Here's what's going on:

First, Dennis and I spent Labor Day Weekend on Chicoteague Island... kind of a spontaneous trip. We figured it was the last of the warm weather and the only long weekend this Summer that I wasn't on-call for work. We had so much fun, and it's really pretty out there. Lots of birds like snowy egrets and pelicans. Also saw some deer while riding the bike trail. Funny, they weren't that afraid of humans. They just kind of stood there staring at us with their ears perked. After I took enough photos to burn the visual onto my brain, we decided to move on. Probably the best part about Chincoteague are the wild ponies that just roam aroud freely. They have more control over where they roam around the part of the island we stayed on... but in other areas apparetly they just go onto the beach and roads! Crazy.

Anyway, it was about a 5 hour drive in both directions (needless to say I got a lot of knitting done!) I worked on the sleeves for Dennis' Seamless Raglan Sweater and after enough stockinette stitch, I worked on the Swallowtail shawl... and about an hour before we got back home, I finished it!
I blocked it a little with steam using the iron, but I'll block it the right way at some point. Maybe this weekend when I have more time. Which reminds me, I have to get pins.

I the meantime, I started working on Summe's blanket for her first birthday! I'm knitting Marie Grace Smith's Alpaca Baby Blanket using KnitPicks Worsted Swish in Caration, Camel Heather, Bordeaux and Lava Heather and so far it's cominng out great! I like how the pattern incorporates a little lace, but is still solid enough to be a blanket... and hopefully eventually take a lot of wear and tear. ;-)

OK, back to getting some more knitting in before another long day of work!