"Pookie... I think you have a problem..."

***I meant to publish this a while ago, but never got around to uploading photos, etc... another crazy week!***

Dennis said to me this morning, when he found me happily knitting in my lair 8:15. (although I do think he meant it lovingly) Apparently my knitting problem is worse than my drinking. At least I have that going for me. ;-)

Anyway, lots to talk about!

Had a knitting-filled weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm out of Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn for my Vernal Equinox Shawl. :-(
If Dennis didn't have to go to work on Sunday, I would have begged him for a Wal*Mart pitstop and re-stock, but alas... no Wal*Mart on the way home. I still have a bit left... but I just know it's gonna run out.

So, I spent Sunday dating some of my yarn. I fell in love with a pattern in my "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns" and decided to knit a couple swatches of it, and I'm glad I did! I realized how painful it is for me to knit with lace-weight yarn... even though the KnitPicks Shadow yarn in Atlantic would be PERFECT for this pattern... the tiny-ness of it just a nightmare for me. Maybe I'm using the wrong needles, or I just have to get a couple rows going. The first two rows, I find are usually a pain in the butt when it comes to lace in general.

So... I decided to cast on my Cape Cod yarn booty of Plymouth Happy Feet onto a pair of US 5 Zephyrs and proceed with the Lattice Lace Wrap. My mom's birthday is coming up on the 23rd, so I figure she'd love the color.

***update: this has been frogged. Will save yarn for socks***

I got out of work early today (aka... on time) and decided pick up Dennis a little pick-me-up gift. He's been working super late, and feeling kind of mopey... I wanted to get him a personal coffee brewer, since he complains about how gross the office coffee maker is. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble failed to supply, but couldn't help hitting up the Knitting Book section. Suprised???? Didn't think so. I saw a copy of Cookie A's Sock Innovations so conveniently displayed on the side-display of the bookshelf, and after much perusing, bought it! (acutally, I was hoping to find a copy of "Knitted Lace of Estonia"... but they were out)

I did find Dennis a cute manly red coffee brewer at Starsux Starbucks next door... I hope he likes it!!! (he has no idea I keep a blog, btw... Not quite ready to subject him to this level of yarn obsession... just yet.) When I mentioned Ravelry... yeah... let's just say it's gonna take some time. ;-)

Oooh! And my copy of KnitScene came in the mail today! I'm adding Hollywood Herringbone Pullover to my queue!