My First PDK (Public Display of Knitting)

My Vernal Equinox Shawl is finished! I love it! I love it! I love it! It's so big and cozy, albeit a bit more capey than shawlly which I really don't mind. It'll be awesome to wear this fall when it gets uber chilly. I couldn't help walking around apartment with it on... Even thought it was about 100 degrees out! :-P

I also put together my mom's birthday present in a nice basket... Can't wait to give it to her! I'm also knitting her the lace trim hat in the book "101 Designer One-Skein Wonders" just as a little something extra. I knit the swatch and measured my head, but still it seems a bit big. I just decreased it by 10 stitches after the lace patter, so I'll be a floppy-brimmed hat if anything.

Now that I'm on this lace-knitting kick, I cast on Evelyn Clark's Swallow-Tail Shawl using Knit Picks Palette in Oyster Heather. The center stitch is suprisingly easy to knit, and can't seem to put it down because it grows and grows after each row!

And **drum roll** I knit in public for the first time yesterday! Dennis and I took a drive over to the waterfront in Long Island City, and plopped ourselved down on one of those nifty lounge chairs they installed by the Pepsi Cola sign. They even have hammocks now! I only did it for a few minutes because one of the hammocks freed up and spent the rest of the time swinging and enjoying the city skyline. I got a few gawks and stares, but who cares? Dennis said I was engaging in a PDK (Public Display of Knitting) t'hehe

And it's Sunday... Another wedding to go to later in Jersey City. Good times! Good times!