Hey from Cape Cod!

It's 3am and I can't sleep for the life of me... And so, I blog! After three days, we're heading back in the afternoon. We drove down Thursday with Some friends, got some beach time in, ate at the Skipper, and passed out by 9pm. It was a long drive! Friday we got an early start. Ate some breakfast took a long walk along the National Seashore, drove to Provincetown for lunch and picked up some Salltwater Taffy. Unfortunately Saturday was shot thanks to hurricaine Danny. Rain rain rain! So after breakfast we hit up the aquarium, Christmas Tree shop and last but not least... The Cape Cod Mall! After a half hour we couldn't take it any longer and opted to pick up some lobster and mussels to make for dinner. Sooooo goood! I then treated evryone to ice cream at Sunday School.

I wasn't able to get too much knitting in. Just on the trip here and some yesterday on Our way too and from the aquarium. I didn't want to bring my swallowtail shawl with me, since I'm on the nupp part of the pattern, and requires a lot of concentration. But since I memorized the budding lace pattern I started a second swallowtail lace shawl using the pink Happy Feet yarn I bought last time I was here. Although I think I'll make this one big budding lace pattern shawl. Hopefully tomorrow I can hit up Adventures In. knitting. I need to pick up size 1 dpns and a new needle sizer... Since I can't find my other one.

Ok... I think I'll try and fall asleep now. I smell a morning kayaking trip!
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