Cape Cod 2009 Part Deux

Another crazy Monday. Worked non-stop since 9am-6:45pm... catching up on a missed deadline from last week. Nothing but editing, editing, editing!

I left 6pm on the dot last Friday because Dennis and I planned to drive up to the Cape that night. A friend of ours' had a birthday get together, so we stopped by for a drink, but by the time we got home, packed and gassed up the car, it was 10:30pm! Armed with knitting needles, and about to hit 495, I second guessed our trip. I was pooped. It made no sense for us to get there by 4am, to enjoy only a few hours there, and have to drive back to the city by 5pm. Craziness. So we opted to wake up at 6am and get up there by noon. Worked out perfectly.

Got some beach, kayaking, and oodles of knitting in! Look how far I am with my shawl!!! Can't wait to finish it. It's going to be so cozy! Perfect for the office and insanely cold subway rides.

I stopped in Adventures in Knitting again, in Harwich. Thankfully they were open on Sunday. The store is incredible! Walls and walls of yarn. I couldn't help buying a few skeins. Normally, I'm not a pink person, but Plymouth Yarn Co's Happy Feet DK in 55 looked so juicy! I'd like to knit a pair of sock, but the color is too pretty, I might just knit another lacy shawl... I'm thinking this Lattice Lace Wrap...

Adventures also has a discount room, where I found some free pattern brochures. Very cool!

And, as if that wasn't all... I did find Erica Wilson's Knitting Book at a flea market for $3! The pattern on the cover is so pretty... the inside... informative, yet slightly cheesy. I haven't had a chance to really go through it, but it's full of black and white 80's esque themed knits... and a little bit of history to boot! A nice addition to my small, yet ever-growing knitting library.

OK, off to make Turkey Sheppard's Pie for dinner!... then knit! knit! knit!


Unfortunately, I didn't have enough Sweet Potato to make it around the entire casserole dish. Oops! It was still very yummy!