At Last!!!

The week is over. Friday is here, and I'm sitting happy and content in my knitting alcove, with glass of vino, free to do all things knitty! Woohoo!
(Can you tell, it's been a long day of video editing, and computer gawking. I've gone slightly loopy.)

So close to finishing my shawl! I want to finish this weekend... but not sure if it's gonna happen. We're going to a wedding tomorrow out in Poughkeepsie. Should be fun. Even though I'm craving another weekend of nothingness, and seriously, I NEEEEED to clean the apartment... I'm waaaay too tired to clean when I get home from work as it is. Maybe Sunday I can salvage some state of vegetableism.

OK. My knitting. It's calling out to me. Can't resist anymore! ::Cheers Clinky Dahling!::

PS... I LOVE my new Knit Picks Zephyr Needles! I swapped them with my aluminum 9 Circs. The one thing that's a bit tricky though are the screws. Here and there, I find the screws come loose. I'll try putting more umph innto my twists, and see how that works out.