The Great Yarn of Kristin's Past

Project #1: I decided to turn the spare room of the apartment into my knitting alcove. I have one of those railroad apartments, with two big rooms on either end and two odd spaces smack in the middle, one of which Dennis uses as an office. The other, I considered my "lounge", but it somehow morphed into a room with a mountain of clothes on a sofa (thanks to my morning wardrobe crises) and ironing board storage. I feel like I have to do something soon, or Dennis threatened to turn it into a"walk-in closet"... (and he's serious!)

I'm thinking of hitting up Big D and getting some cheap shelves for storing my yarn balls. I'd like being able to look at them, rather than stuffed away in some rubber-maid bin. It's prettier, and this way I can pretend I'm in my LYS, when I feel a yarn craving coming on. I won't be tempted to plurge! (this has not been proven to work... but we'll find out) Other than that, there's already a sofa, window, floor lamp, coffee table, book shelf.-- I'm set! Maybe some framed photos of sheep and llamas to mount on the wall, and voila! :-P

Project #2:
Last week we drove up to my parents' new house for a BBQ. Several months before they moved, my mom put a lot of stuff in storage. Including my knitting stuff! Finally, I was able to reclaim most of it...

(exhibit A)

OK, there was a time when I was really into knitting during college. Then I stopped for a while, and picked it up again. This bag is from the first bout of my knitting obsession, and I honestly forgot how BAD it was! Obviously, I have a lot of weeding to do... I'm just affraid of spilling the whole thing out!

OK... just did. Here's what I managed to salvage: (Exhibit B)

Some of these I remember getting from Liberty in London... some a shop down in the East Village... and OMG... vintage sock yarn (2nd to last photo) from my great grandmother's stash! I nabbed it last time I went to Germany. Now I have even more a reason to start knitting socks. Other than that, we've got some nice Merino in there... I had sophisticated taste in yarns when I was a young'n ;-)

The rest is histoire!