Sunday was a total knitting bust! I love the beach, but if I have nothing to do, forget it! I fidget, I whine about it being too windy and crossword puzzles only hold my attention for so long. I can't just lie there for hours on end... I need SOMETHING to do! I was psyched because this time I have a knitting project going! So with my knitting in tow, we drove off to Robert Moses.

However, while knitting on the drive there, I realized my knitting would come to a halt. (again: this is why one must READ the pattern before doing ANYTHING!) halfway along, I realized I would have to bind off a portion of the body, set aside, and begin the sleeves on smaller needles. Of course, I did not pack said smaller needles and extra yarn. I pouted the entire way there... and then Dennis said the inevitable: "At least now you can relax!" I turned to him and gently shouted "Knitting is relaxing!!!!" I couldn't help but think of that one episode of a Knit Picks podcast and chuckled to myself.

Speaking of Knit Picks... my yarn came!!!
  • Wool of The Andes in Grass
  • Worsted Kettle Dyed in Timber
  • Kettle Hand Dyed in Atlantic
OK, must get ready for work. My alarm woke me up at 7am this morning. I put on my make up, turn on NY1, and realized it was only 6:00am!!! Somehow my alarm clock got shifted an hour ahead... tried going back to sleep, but knowing I have an extra hour to get started on the second sleeve of Ditto... I just stayed awake and knit my heart out this morning. Obsess much? ;-)