Manic Monday

Back from Cape Cod... totally exhausted! Just got back from work no less, and functioning on about four hours of sleep. We left around 8:30pm Sunday and didn't get home until 1am.
But so worth it!

We drove to Provincetown to catch a whale watching cruise. I didn't have high-hopes of seeing anything, since Dennis claimed it's very hit or miss. But I figured I'd get a nice boat ride out of it anyway. Better than sitting on a windy windy beach in a hoody and big sunglasses! Turns out we got a show that blows SeaWorld out of the water! (no pun intended) ;-)
Whales galore! A baby and it's mom just swimming around eating plankton and jumping in and out of the water. So cute!!! I'll let the photos speak for themselves... although they were all taken on my iPhone because I forgot to recharge my legit digital camera! d'oh!

All in all, I got an insane amount of knitting done on the ride home. I'm basically finished with Ditto. Just working on the frontbands. Thusfar, it's going very slow on US 3 needles. I'm just psyched to wear it already!

For my next project, I think I'm going to knit the Swallowtail shawl with my two skeins of KnitPicks Shadow in Atlantic... or use Worsted Timber Kettle to knit Dennis a sweater... this time one that actually fits!
My mom's birthday is coming up this August, so maybe the shawl is a good idea... that is if I don't fall in love with it and decide to keep it for myself! The color is gorgeous!!! Either way, this will be my first shawl ever! I figure it's small enough.

OK. Back to drinking fine wine and frontband knitting!