It has sleeeeeves!!!!

Happy Thursday! This week is going by so fast, which is awesome because we're going to Cape Cod this weekend! We're leaving Friday night after work. Five glorious hours of knitting in the passenger seat! However it just dawned on me that it's gonna get dark... so I might have to invest in a tiny reading light... although this might also put Dennis over the edge! ;-) And this time, I'll bring enough yarn!

I've managed to work on Ditto a few hours this week... an hour every morning, and about two after work... in between cooking dinner and watching the boob-tube with Dennis.
But overall, it's coming along nicely!

Also, it looks like my refrigerator is on its way out. The freezer works, but the fridge is barely keeping anything cool. Luke-chilled yogurt is kind of blegh... and kind of scary! Time to call my crazy landlord who never picks up his phone, or returns our calls. Leads me to wonder who's been cashing our rent checks.

Ugh, 8:00pm. Work. My brain is fried. Instead of news, I wish I could at least edit video about knitting. That would be fun! Again, happy Thursday!

(you know, I just realized... in the photo above, my sweater looks like it has a nose!)