Good Morning Cape Cod!

So we didn't get in last night-- err morning until 2am! after making a pitstop @ a trucker slumber party somewhere in BumbleFoog for gas, tire air re-fill and snacks, we get stuck I'm traffic for another two hours... I was knitting the whole time so I barely noticed. After work I picked up a cute LED reading light to attach to the sun visor in the car... It had a low setting so it didn't distract Dennis while he was driving. Other than that The random punk station and conversation kept us upbeat and awake!

I'm actually typing this on my iPhone in bed... It's 8:00am. Of course this is he time I always wake up for whatever reason.. I can't fall back asleep once I'm up in the morning. Normally I'll make breakfast turn on the tube Check my email and knit until Dennis wakes up... Can't really do that here.

Not sure what we'll do today. It's surprisingly chilly here. My feet are freezing and am finally motivated to knit a pair of socks! I definitely want to hit up am LYS... I heard Ladybug in Dennis is supposed to be worth checking out. Definitely NOT beach weather. We actually had to turn back before grtting on I- 495 because I forgot to pack my bathing suit! I packed an arsenal of knitting but not the bathing suit! Pfft!

-- Post From My iPhone