Getting my EZ on

Another rainy day. I didn't get to knit this morning because I had to prepare some stuff for work. But now I'm back from the grind, Dennis has band practice, so have all night to knit up a storm! (and a glass of Gato Negro Chardonnay to boot!)

I decided to knit Dennis a new sweater, since the first one I knit (EZ's Saddle shoulder) was insanely huuuuge! This time around, I'm gonna try her seamless raglan... and if I don't screw it all up, I'm mixing in a few other elements. A knitting mash-up if you will!
Anywho, I'm knitting with Knit Picks Worsted Wool of the Andes in Timber, and I love it! I like the subtle changes in color... it already feels and looks so cozy! Maybe I'll end up wearing it! :-P
Also, I didn't realize how fast each skein knits up! I had to order more online yesterday... thankfully there were still some in stock, because it's in the "last chance" section. And just for extra kicks, i ordered a few skeins in gold.... and a copy of EZ's Knitters Almanac! (Kelley! What are you doing to me!?!) ;-)

And all those Knit Picks podcasts are inspiring me to try sock knitting! I started knitting a swatch last night, using shadow... I couldn't help but think I must be nuts for even attempting to knit on such small needles. (my great grandmother's needles handed down to me from my grandmother!) I was six, in Germany... and I remember watching her sit there in the corner knitting socks like a mad woman. She was so fast! I was too young to even care about knitting. I didn't get it. But I just remember seeing Oma Oh-Vey (as we lovingly used to call her) sitting there, happily working those needles... which probably explains why they're a little bent.

OK, before my alone knitting time runs out!