Done Ditto Done!

As predicted, last night I finished knitting and stitching up Ditto!
Although the alignment iss slightly off-kilter, I may need to re-sew the buttons. I just couldn't resist taking pics of it!
I found the buttons at this place called JUNK that just opened down the block from me, where they have bowls of retro buttons 25cents a piece! I was psyched to find they had these because they're identical to the color of my cardigan!

Ironically, the first band took me a whole week to complete, where the second only took me part of yesterday to knit up! My stress fluctuations are quite obvious in the first band, since my gauge does change here and there. It's not that bad, but thankfully the second button-hole band covers the other.

Just finished making my Black Bean Dip... now it's off to a BBQ at my parent's place! Maybe I'll get some better photos of Ditto there. While I like my shower-curtain backdrop, they've got better landscaping for it! ;-)