Ditto Day 4

3 Day weekend is here! Yesterday was Dennis' birthday. I'm buying him a new bike this weekend, but just as a little something, I got him two cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, and a pot of sunflowers! I figure they're the more masculine of the flower bunch... sunny, cheerful, yet sturdy! ;-) We went out to eat at this incredible Puerto Rican fusion restaurant called Luz, in Fort Greene... I had a shank of lamb that literally fell off the bone! So increadibly :-9 I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area!

I also thought of a great post-engagement gift to knit him! I'll keep that on the down-low for now until I actually knit it. And no, it's not a sweater!... although I intend on knitting another one for him soon! The first one was too big! oops!

Day 4 of knitting Ditto... I'm about 75% through my first skein of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca... and I'm thinking, I'm gonna need a lot more yarn! But so far so good! At first, I thought I was knitting from the top down, when I realized I was actually knitting bottom up! This is why I really need to take the time to go through and read the ENTIRE pattern before I begin the project. But this is the first time I bit the bullet and knit a gauge! Good Kristin! ;-)